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Category : Get Noticed

06 Jun 2019

Get Noticed With Google Maps!

Get Noticed With Google Maps – Google Maps is a great tool to visually discover more about the location or place you are researching or wish to travel to.

Google Maps is also a great tool for the photographer in terms of showcasing your work, or to get noticed. It is also a great way to help others.

I currently have 200+ images of many locations around the world on Google Maps and have had more than 246,000 views of those images to date. I regularly review the number of views per image by going to ‘Your Contributions’ when I open Google Maps. I’m very happy with the results so far.

Here are some of the benefits you might expect from placing your images on Google Maps:
1. It Builds Trust With Your Customers
2. It Helps With the Research Process
3. It Creates a Better Connection
4. Better Access to Your Target Audience
5. It Helps Customers Make Informed Decisions
6. Passive Marketing
7. It’s a Convenient and Comfortable Experience

So what is Google Places for Business? It’s like a business directory, the only difference being that it plays a huge role in search engine optimisation. You’d want your business to show up on search results when people look for the products or services that you provide. Being listed on Google Maps or Google Places for Businesses will give you this, you can get a first page ranking on search results. And the best part…. this has nothing to do with your website or how well optimised your website and online content might be. Simply by the virtue of being on Google Maps or Google Places for Business, your company would get a first page presence on search results. Now that’s good for business!

Thanks to Danny de Hek https://www.danny.co.nz/marketing/google-maps/