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Printing Services

Print Your Work - in addition to selling our own creations, we also offer a printing service where we print your works and ship them to you, ready for use in your project application or to make available for commercial sale. Whether you are a photographer or a traditional artist, we’d love to hear from you! Our prices are competitive, great service and we guarantee the quality and longevity of every print produced – it is on this that our reputation is built.

Quality Guaranteed - all inks and photo, fine art papers and canvas materials are of archival standard, independently certified by Wilhelm Imaging Research in Europe www.wilhelmresearch.com Sourcing materials only from reputable dealers, we guarantee the longevity of our prints, as per the certified standards by the Wilhelm Institute. We believe that reputation to be so important, that nothing leaves the premises if we are not entirely satisfied.

World Class Equipment - the equipment we use in our print production is manufactured by world class brands, such as Canon, Eizo and x-Rite. We operate to a fully colour-calibrated workflow process, ensuring that the colours we see in your image/on our Eizo pro studio monitor are accurately reproduced on the printer – consistently.

Professional Proofing - upon receipt of your image(s) and print material choice(s), we review the image(s) on the Eizo studio monitor, using a calibrated profile consistent with you print material choice. Next up, we produce a full sized proof print, thoroughly check it in great detail under a loupe. If all is well, we then output the final image onto the material choice, move the print to a protected environment while we prepare shipping.

Sizing & Finishing - we can print not only industry-standard sizes such as A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 but have the capability to produce stunning work up to 44” (111.76cm) on its shortest side. We can produce single-piece printed works, as well as producing your work in tiles – for example on canvas. Prints/tiles can come with trim marks, grommet marks, bleed (colour, mirror or duplication) etc. Protective lamination for canvas prints is available in gloss, satin and matt.

Quality and reputation are so important to us, that should we have any concerns identified within the supplied image or proof print, we will contact you to agree next steps. (A full sized hard copy proof, together with our comments can be shipped to you for your review and final decision). Cost for this service is limited to actual costs incurred – time, materials and shipping.

Archiving Service - we archive your image files for future use, at no extra charge. This potentially can save you lots of time, should you decide to print more copies of the same image(s). Also, in this way, we can ensure that the colours in any prints at a later date are consistent with those colours within the original print – especially important perhaps if you are producing limited edition prints.

Payment & Shipping - payment is via PayPal. Shipping is available worldwide – we use only known branded international couriers. Should you prefer, we are happy for you to arrange your own collection/shipping.