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Aerial Photography

New Service - Aerial Photography & Videography!

In addition to using conventional photographic equipment, we now provide aerial photography and videography to compliment our service offering.

I am a qualified/certified UAS (Drone) Pilot, licensed by the IAA (Irish government agency, the Irish Aviation Authority). This added capability permits us to carry out a various commercial assignments within controlled airspace, including cities/built up areas to heights up to 120 metres above ground level and to distances up to 500 meters (0.5km). Heights/distances exceeding 120 metres/0.5km are also possible once pre-approved by ATC (Air Traffic Control).

Should you have the need for such a service, always ask the service provider for 3rd Party Liability insurance - this is usually only provided by insurance companies IF the drone company/Drone Operator have satisfactorily completed safety training and is licensed by the Irish Aviation Authority.

Contact us to discuss any specific requirements you may have (info@OccipitalisCreations.com). Additional sample images may be seen via this link.