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24 Sep 2016

My first blog post; it’s taken 50 years to write!

My first blog post; it's taken 50 years to write!

My first blog post; it’s taken 50 years to write! Today I reached the half century milestone! Today also marks my first-ever blog! Recently, I have been deliberating on what should be my first blog. Typical me perhaps, I put too much thought into things sometimes, being too much of a perfectionist!

Whilst there are many topics, which could potentially be my first blog subject, what better than to start off by introducing myself and my photography, and for my first blog post to be on the memorable half century marker! With my Costa coffee and the surroundings of the busy mall today, I mark this ‘maiden voyage’ in to the world of blogging!

My interest in photography started in childhood and progressed from there. Though I sometimes dipped in and out of photography – a successful career in Sales, family life with three wonderful daughters, Laura, Emma and Sarah, photography remains my number one interest outside of work and family.

I like to own the entire process from image creation/capture, editing and post-production through to digital print output or web – that way I maintain quality control over my work and allows me to apply an ‘artisan’ approach. I shoot both digital and film formats, and right now I mostly use Leica 35mm cameras and lenses, though I also have experience in 120mm medium format and various brands. In the early days, my first-ever SLR camera was the Russian-made Zenith 12XP. A lovely camera, costing around $50 at the time, the film camera taught me the basics of photography. For software, I mainly use Adobe – Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC – for image cataloguing and post-production work.

It’s gone full circle for me – from film to digital to film – well almost! In the early days for me, there was no digital photography and to have colour film was a ‘luxury’! My work these days is mostly digital format, though I do like to occasionally dabble in film format – the beauty of the grain effect but mostly the sense of accomplishment when you not only take the images, but develop your own film and print them afterwards!

I’ve also had the fortunate opportunity to attend some development courses on photography over the years – for example in Southampton England quite some years ago with a lovely gentleman and ‘society’ photographer, I learned how to improve my portraiture photography. More recently, I attended a terrific weekend course in Street Photography with Eric Kim (I gladly recommend him to you, please mention my name).

Why photography? Well, photography has always been a core interest of mine. Unlike my daughter Laura, herself a gifted artist and in her final year at Ireland’s National College of Art and Design, I couldn’t draw a straight line as we say in Ireland! Photography however is my art, it is the means through which I can be expressive. Secondly, I have always wanted to write. The third connecting point in the triangle is related I guess to my purpose in life, which is to help others.

I hope I can bring all three elements together through my website and blog – the general intent of which is to write educational articles and share resources on photography – its history, key practitioners in the ‘revolution’ of photography, famous historical and contemporary photographers and photographic technique.

So that’s an intro to me and my photography! I hope that you, or someone you know, gain a benefit from my photographic publications. By entering your name and email address here (‘Newsletter’ section), you will receive an alert whenever a new article is published.

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